Sometimes, there’s an unspoken dress code for social occasions. Usually there are some expectations that can make some people feel a lot of pressure to look their best. It can be a red carpet event, a wedding or even a vacation to the beach.

Having the right outfit and looking your best can elevate your confidence. If you use shaper swimwear, it can help enhance smooth and flatter your figure. Swimwear has evolved to cater to different needs. It offers comfort without compromising your pool or beach style.

Shapewear with advanced fabrics

In the past, they used restrictive corsets. But shapewear has come a long way and now they are designed using advanced fabrics that offer support, breathability and flexibility.

There are many new brands that have been revolutionizing the industry. Shapewear now is a staple in many closets and are made to be discreet under your clothing. They enhance the natural silhouette and won’t overpower it.

Swimsuit shapewear

With this new type of shapewear you’ll feel super confident at the beach. Summer means swimsuit season and for many it’s a mix of anxiety and excitement. For many, finding a swimsuit piece that is comfortable but flattering at the same time can be a hard task.

When this happens, the best solution can be a sculpting swimsuit. They have been designed to provide lift, sculpting and tummy control. Also, they have been engineered to make you feel stylish and confident, at the beach or pool.

Some pieces use advanced compression fabrics that will smooth out lumps and bumps. They will also give you a streamlined figure. Some have adjustable straps, built-in bras and some roughing details that will contribute to a flattering fit.

Shapewear for formal events

Formal attire tends to be worn during special occasions. And using the right shapewear makes a significant difference in the way you feel and you look. With shapewear you can get a great foundation to get a polished look as a result.

Some popular choices for formal wear are high waisted briefs, shaping slips or full-body shapers. They target areas like the hips, thighs, butt and tummy. And will create a streamlined figure. If you want excellent tummy control, a great idea are high-waisted briefs. To smooth out the hips and torso, shaping slips are the best.

For the moments you want to wear a backless or strapless dress, solutions like stick-on bras or body tapes are the best. These adhesive shapewear solutions are invaluable. Why? Because they offer shaping and support without visible straps. Your dress will always be the focal point and not something else.

Shapewear for daily wear

These are the pieces that offer the most comfort and versatility. We know that we can get maximum impact with pieces made specially for special occasions. But pieces designed for everyday wear are the one that will focus more on being versatile and provide comfort.


Some important pieces can be shaping camisoles, panties or leggings. They can be integrated seamlessly into your daily wear. And will provide a subtle enhancement without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Shapewear for different body types

When you want to get shapewear, it should always fit and suit your body type. Remember that this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There will be different types, perfect for different needs and body shapes.

For example, if you have a pear-shaped body, thigh slimmers or high-waist shorts will provide a balanced silhouette. In this case your hips are wider than your bust.


For an apple shaped body, the best solution will be full-body shapers. Thus body type carries the weight around the midsection.  Usually hourglass figures will benefit from bodysuits and waist cinchers. This body type has a defined waist and balanced hips and bust.

Is there a psychological impact from wearing shapewear?

Surely, there is a profound impact psychologically from wearing shapewear. It will boost your confidence, making you feel more poised and secure. This self-esteem boost is important, especially during special occasions. During these occasions it is important to look and feel your best.