Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay

Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay is one of the 5-star hotels in Singapore has become a favorite vacation spot for the public. This hotel is one of the cheapest hotels in Singapore. To make your vacation more enjoyable without spending a lot of money, you can read the following saving tips.

Booking a Room in Advance

One of the tips that you can apply to save costs is to book a room in advance. Booking a room in advance can allow you to get a more affordable room rate. If you book a hotel for a vacation, it’s best to book a room well before the holidays arrive, so the price is more affordable.

Adjust Room Booking Time

Booking a room in advance is indeed the right choice, but you also need to pay attention to the right time. For example, you should not book a room during the holidays, because room prices can increase quite fantastically.

Book a Room with Breakfast Package

When making a hotel reservation, you should choose a room complete with a breakfast package, so you can save on expenses. With this breakfast package, you can save costs, so you don’t have to look for and buy food outside the hotel.

Take advantage of Hotel Facilities

As a well-known 5-star hotel in Singapore, Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay provides many facilities that visitors can use. To save expenses while on vacation at this hotel, you can take full advantage of the existing facilities.

For example, you can use the free shuttle service, and use the swimming pool and garden as a means of entertainment. If you like sports/fitness activities, you can take advantage of the available fitness center.

Choose an Affordable Room Type

This one of the cheap hotels in Singapore provides many variants of rooms with prices that also vary, according to the facilities. To be more efficient, you can order room variants whose prices are quite affordable. You can choose a room with standard facilities, according to your needs, as long as it is comfortable and adequate.

Use the Voucher

If you want to save money while on vacation at this famous hotel, you can use the vouchers. The vouchers can provide many benefits for its users so that vacation costs become more efficient.

This voucher offers many discounts on all room bookings, tourist attractions access, and restaurants. Using this voucher is also quite easy because you can exchange it at Traveloka to get many special offers.

Use Promos

Apart from using vouchers, you can also access the website/application to get many special offers. They will also offer many promos for its loyal users so that your vacation costs can be more economical.

Vacationing at the Parkroyal Collection Hotel in Marina Bay Singapore can indeed be a good choice of vacation plans. To be more efficient while on vacation at this cheap hotel in Singapore, you can use these tips. Want to vacation in a hotel without having to spend a lot of budgets? Book your room now on Traveloka.